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Hitting your sales targets is only the beginning of what you can achieve.

The right training in sales at the right time can help you grow your business and be more successful.

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Have you ever taken some type of training in sales and walked out and wondered “What did I just Learn?” or “OK now what?” or “It was fun but I am not sure how to apply it”

The goal of this site is to provide effective and practical training for sales people.

My name is Kathy Miller, the founder of Sales Training for Business - an online resource for practical and effective training for sales people. .

I am not your typical sales trainer. My background is unique. I started as an engineer and project manager, then sales person, sales manager and sales consultant. To exceed my quota in competitive markets I had to be better than my competition My sometimes creative and innovative ideas got attention.

People I worked with started asking me to share what I was doing. With my background, the training I developed for sales people was practical, down to earth and well received. I now want to share with you.

Do you want to close more deals, negotiate a larger order or better manage your time? Are you working with the best sales tracking software for you? This site will help you develop and/or hone the crucial talents you need to achieve your career goals objectives.

”Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

By Arnold H. Glasgow

Where to Start

Let’s light the fire. Where you start depends on your current needs. It might also be affected by what you are currently working on. Just like your client, what you need can be driven by circumstances. Start your training in sales today.

Table of Content

Sales Quota Buster Blog
Effective & practical career sales training today!
This powerful sales negotiation training is key to your career sales training
This powerful sales negotiation training helps you drive sales with these negotiation steps
Work Motivation directly effects your compensation
Work motivation at companies is often complicated
Quotes on motivation are an essential part of self motivation tips
Quotes on motivation can help inspire our sales success
Meeting facilitation training answers the quesion on how to run a meeting
This meeting facilitation training and facilitation tips are essential tools
Career sales training starts with a skill assessment test
Does your career sales training support your career goals objectives?
Understanding types of communication helps us have more effective communication
Understanding types of communication is fundamental part of sales training
Emotional Intelligence in business impacts sales closing skills
What is Emotional Intelligence in business
Reading quotes on communication helps develop emotional intelligence in business
quotes on communication can help us stay focused on our sales funnel
Time management in the workplace is a necessary part of your sales training plan
The need for time management in the workplace is often an overlooked skill required in your sales training plan.
What is networking? Do you join LinkedIn and social networking groups?
What is networking? How to get network leads? Do you join LinkedIn and social networking groups ?
What makes a good salesperson great ?
What makes a good salesperson great? What knowledge, skills and abilities are needed?
Effective cold calling relies on good cold calling basics
Effective cold calling: Use cold calling basics with a positive attitude
Sales tracking software: Tracking customer sales & business lead list
Sales tracking software makes it easy, effective & efficient to track your business lead list, generate sales and marketing reports as well as tracking customer sales
How do I forecast sales for my sales forecasting
How do I forecast sales: sales forecast methods, crm tools and sales forecasting
Contract negotiations training - an integral part to sales negotiation training
Successful contract negotiations training - working with procurement for successful sales negotiation training
Ice breakers for meetings: Perfect for sales meetings & effective staff meetings
Ice breakers for meetings are a great way to start your sales training or kick off effective staff meetings
What is CRM? Customer relationship management software is a corporate strategy
What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management is more than a sales tracking software
Overcoming procrastination - How to stop procrastination
Overcoming procrastination - How to stop procrastination & what are the procrastination effects?
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
About Me - Sales Training for Business
About me & Sales Training for Business - Use our career sales training to advance your career
Contact Sales Training for all your sales training needs & questions
Contact sales training for business today
Recommended Reading Lists: Enhance your career sales training
Recommended reading lists arean essential part of your sales training plan
Presentation Coaching: presenting effectively, presenting to win
Use our powerful Presentation coaching to learn tips and techniques for presenting effectively and presenting to win.
How to write a business proposal & how to write an executive summary
How to write a business proposal? How to write an executive summary? Do you need business proposal software?
Find ways to manage stress - important motivation for pursuing career success
Finding ways to manage stress & types of stress - important motivation for pursuing career success
Business proposal format; writing business proposals & sales proposal templatel
A business proposal format for writing business proposals
Top sales management strategies
Use these sales management strategies to create success