Active Listening Skills

Practicing and sharpening your active listening skills is vital for effective communication. To meet and exceed your sales commission plan, your communication needs to be effective and focused, empathetic and in tune with your client's needs and wants.

Your client needs to know that you really care about helping them find a solution to their problem. We realize that emotional intelligence in business is an important part to being perceptive about the client.

Your Sales Training

Skills like active listening are not usually something we are taught or that we practice.

What are some rules for active listening?

  1. Seek to understand before you seek to be understood. When we try to understand first we tend to listen more ans learn more. Our clients provide us with a lot of information, spoken and unspoken, if we take the time to listen in order to understand.
  2. Be open & non judgmental If you have a solution for a client before you have met them or within minutes of your discussions with them you have not used your skills of active listening. Be non judgmental and empathic to their needs. Being open gives you an opportunity to connect with your client in a way that others can't or won't.

  3. Give your undivided attention to the speaker Keep your focus on the client and the words they are saying. A good trick is to repeat the words back in your head as they are saying them. You will be amazed at how hard it is and how you have to give that exercise your undivided attention. Make eye contact so they can see you are listening.
  4. Silence is golden Let your client talk. Provide positive feedback through eye contact, head nods, relaxed body language and brief umhs. Use silence effectively and do not interrupt unless necessary. Take notes of a point to go back to when the client is finished.

Using your active listening skills and emotional intelligence in business helps close the deal.

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