Basics of Networking

Learn the basics of networking and How to get the best network leads. The positive results of your efforts will show up in your sale tracking.

Check out our before, during and after tips for networking. Master the basics and watch your business grow.

Networking - Master the Basics

As any coach will tell you, when things are not going the way you want it is time to get back to basics. Networking is no different. Practice, fine tune, adjust and continuously improve.

  • Before
    • Gather what you will need - business cards, pen, notebook, calendar
    • Prepare and rehearse your quick introduction of who you are, company you work for and your role
    • Make a list of open ended questions to ask people
    • Prepare a benefits/value statement about what you sell in term os the benefits & value it delivers to others.
    • Set an intention of what you hope to accomplish

  • During

    • As you drive over check your attitude. Is it positive, upbeat and open? Or is it cynical (what a waste of time), negative or just plan grumpy?

    • Be proactive and approach people at the event. Give your quick introduction & ask open ended questions. Make brief notes on the back of their cards.
    • Practice Active listening
    • If appropriate deliver your benefits statement

  • After

    • Ask yourself - "What went well?" and "What can I do to make it even better next time?"
    • Follow up with notes, emails, LinkedIn invites, and/or promised information
    • What's next? Is there something new and unique you can try for your next networking event?

Practice and hone your networking basics and watch your network leads grow and grow. Over time this success will show up in your sales tracking

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