Business Lead List

Develop a business lead list and fill up the sales funnel.

Whether you are a new sales person or an experiencedfinding free sales leads is important.

Before you putting together your lead list for business ask yourself;

  • Do I have a particular industry or list of companies I am targeting?
  • What department will I be selling to - Accounting, Human Resources, IT, etc.
  • What level will I be selling at

Free Sales Leads

  1. Trade Association - There is probably a trade association for every industry and department out there. Join them, become active in them, buy their mailing list, etc.
  2. Business Networking Groups - Network at the trade association meetings or join a business networking group in your area.
  3. Conventions and Trade Shows - Many trade associations have conventions and trade show. Attend them and network, get a booth and/or give a presentation.
  4. Social Networking - Join groups within social networking sites that are important to your business. Form a group on Facebook, join LinkedIn and join a group that your prospects would belong to. Add value to the group with thoughtful articles or comments.
  5. Ask - For existing sales people call your clients and ask for leads. How you ask can make a difference. If you just call and ask them for leads out of the blue you will probably not get much. You can put them in the right frame of reference.

    - If they have been at a company for only 2 - 3 years ask for a name at the company they use to work at in the department you are interested in

    - Ask where their neighbor, brother, sister, wife, husband work. A lead I got from a friend at a trade association was her husband. It turned into one of my biggest sales ever.

  6. Ask others - Ask your neighbor, brother, sister, cousin, parents, etc. Be specific in what you are looking for
  7. Purchase a lead list - There are many companies that will together a lead list for you. Make sure you check references carefully.
  8. Find the dormant file - Most companies have a file of clients that have been dormant for years. Call the companies and try to revisit, track down old client contacts that have left through places like LinkedIn.

Developing a business lead list can take time. Which why it it something we should continuously work on throughout the week. Free sales leads are all around us to help keep our sales funnel full.

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