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Improve your business presentation skill with these tips on presenting. Presenting effectively is an part of any sales training plan.

No matter how good your product or service is, if you are not presenting it effectively, the clientprobably won't buy it. Learning how to give an effective presentation is an important business skill.

Business Skill: The Presentation

Presentation Format Toastmasters International, Inc.'s recommends this presentation format.

- OPENING which will capture audience attention and lead into the presentation topic.

- BODY which has a series of points with each point beginning with a statement of fact followed by supporting material.

- The presentation then ends with a CLOSING which contains a review (or summary), and a call to action (or a memorable statement).

An ideal breakdown would be:

Opening - 10 to 20 percent Body - 65 to 75 percent Closing - 10 to 20 percent

For some PowerPoint Presentation Tips ...

Preparation is the key to any great preparation.

- Practice, Practice, Practice

- Anticipate questions the audience will have

- Video tape and check your body language, tone of voice, etc. For more on Types of Nonverbal Communication and what you might be communicating.

Nervousness & Fear - Everyone gets nervous or is fearfulThe key is to channel the nervousness and fear.

- Use the emotion to encourage yourself to spend more time on finding out about your audience and planning and developing a presentation that meets their needs.

- Rehearse and practice until your are comfortable with the material. Videotape yourself to improve your body language, tone of voice, etc. If you can rehearse with the computer and projector. Get comfortable with it. We tend to fear what we do not know.

- If possible, visit the actual room where you will be presenting. If that is not possible (it is in a client's facility) find out what you can about the room - size, seating arrangement, window placement, where will the projector go, is there a place for your notes, etc.

- Take several deep breathes prior to entering the room. Remember to breathe deeply prior to starting. When we get nervous we tend to breathe shallowly. Taking deep breathes not only relaxes us, it also energizes us.

- Visualize yourself being confident

- Focus on your audience and the message of the presentation, not on how you are doing.

- Forget perfection. Trying to achieve it will just add stress

Delivery - Let your enthusiasm & for the topic, product, etc. show during your presentation. Also be professional. Sometimes people confuse being professional with not showing our passion for the topic

- Tell a story to get a point across. An audience remembers a story and it underscores a point you are trying to make. It should be personal.

- Use notes. Notes takes the stress & pressure off memorizing and forgetting something. Plus a memorized presentation can sound canned.

Index cards can be useful. You can jot down reminders or prompts. Number the cards in case they get mixed up. Do not be afraid to pause to look at them. The audience will not even notice. They will be taking in what you just said.

Improving your business presentation skill must be an important part of your sales training plan. Presenting effectively is key to making the sale. Use these tips on presenting and you will notice the difference.

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