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Does your career sales training support your career goals objectives?

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Are you looking to start a new career in sales or do you need to jump start your current sales career?

Do you put together a great sales call plan but are not very adept at overcoming customer objections?

It is time to assess what sales skills do you excel and the areas you need to work on and get more sales training to advance your career and increase your income significantly. If you are an experienced salesperson assessing your skills and getting additional training is always beneficial.

One of my favorite books I read again and again & highly recommend is the incredible Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play: Transforming the Buyer/Seller Relationship

What Sales Training is Needed?

  • Company product or services knowledge Do you have a good knowledge of your company's products and services? Can you discuss with your client the features and benefits that help them? Do you know the difference between your products and services and your competitors? Do you now how to handle client objections pertaining to any perceived weakness in your product or services?

    If not your competition could run circles around you. If this is an area of weakness, have a knowledgeable, successful salesperson mentor you for a while. Take them to lunch or breakfast or coffee and have them provide you a tutorial on what you need to know.

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  • Industry Knowledge Do you have understanding and knowledge of your potential client's industry. For instance, if your client is a utility do you know what their current challenges are as an industry and as a corporation?

    Do you understand their technical jargon not only for the industry but for the specific department you are selling to.

    If you are selling to the accounting department of a major utility, you might want to know about the industry trends, their corporate news and the accounting jargon.

    There are many ways to get this information.

    - Google for information

    - provides a wealth of information on companies

    - trade magazines

    - networking groups pertaining to the specific industry and/or department

  • Strong Selling Skills Do you and/or your sales force have strong selling skills? Do they need additional sales training to advance their career and increase their sales?

    There are many areas to assess. Are you good at cold calling and getting appointments but fail to close the deals? Do you have strong negotiation skills or do you give away company's products or services. Are you a good hunter or are you better at farming an existing client? Do you ignore the need for a sales call plan but are great at overcoming customer objections

  • The career sales training needed is unique for each individual. You probably know what areas need improvement. If you are not sure talk to your sales manager, someone who has been on a sales call with you or even a trusted client.

    It's time to go get the sales training you need to advance your career and significantly increase you income.

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