Cold Calling Tips

Use these cold calling tips and improve your telephone sales skills. Successful sales people know that sales training in cold calling basics and telephone sales skills is vital.

The Story - Cold Calling Tips

Years ago I had just started a new sales position selling large ticket items to major corporations. The president of the company wanted to break into this particular Fortune 50 company and I was directed by my sales manager to get an appointment with one of their Senior Vice Presidents or CEO.

As you might expect, I researched the company & the key people and prepared a possible script. They had a new CEO. I was ready.

I called in and asked for the CEO by name. I got past the operator and got his administrator's name & phone number. I proceeded to dial different phone numbers similar to the admin's number. On the 2nd try the CEO answered. I had dialed his direct phone number.

Even after all my preparation and practice my immediate reaction was to hang up. But an even bigger motivator was to get the appointment and impress everyone. My sales training kicked in.

Which brings us to the first of our cold calling tips...

  1. The call is all about them The call is about them and not about giving a 30 second blurb on your company. What can you say that personalizes it for them.

    So what did I do. I made it personal. I congratulated him on being named the new CEO. That comment opened up a whole dialogue. I kept the conversation brief and got a commitment for an appointment. The rest is sales success history.

  2. What motivates you? What motivates you? Why are you making the cold call? What do you want to get out of it? Make sure the reason you are calling is compelling to you and motivates you.

    In my story if I had not had a personal motivation I might have hung up. The drive to prove myself as the new salesperson was greater than anything else.

  3. Be direct and to the point. You have less than 10 seconds to make a good first impression. I immediately congratulated the new CEO on his new position. That got his attention. It was personal.

  4. Prepare and research You might want to pick 3 - 4 companies to prepare and research. When you make the call add a personalized business twist to the beginning of the conversation. Depending on the person and their status it could be about a promotion or some new initiative the company has announced.

  5. Always say the person's name first A good way to start a call is to open with the person's name.


    Susan or Ms. VIP (depends on their position), it is a pleasure to speak with you

    Your time is important so let's get right to the point

  6. Do not call your top prospects first. The CEO was not my first call. Make calls to your B and C prospects first. Learn what works, what does not work and get comfortable and natural with the process.
  7. How NOT to start your conversation You are probably like me and do not like to get those sales calls at home at night that start with "hi Mr. Homeowner, how are you today?

    Your potential prospects do not like it either. Remove all forms of "How Are You?" from your phone sales techniques.

Use these cold calling tips and improve your telephone sales skills. Reading and implementing these mini sales training articles can have a big impact on your overall sales success.

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