Conference Call Plan

A conference call plan is vital when you can not meet face to face with your client. With the right business communication technology a conference call is a productive way to meet with your client. Whether you use interactive web conferencing or just a voice conference call a plan is necessary to make things run smoothly.

Plan for Your Conference Call

  • What is the objective of the call? Is it just information giving and receiving with lots of discussion & questions? Are you demonstrating a product? Do you have a presentation to give? Is there a give and take such that you will using a wide board? Knowing the objective will help you decide on the business communication technology to use.
  • What business communication technology will you use. Will you use audio conferencing, interactive web conferencing or video conferencing? Business communication technology has advanced considerably in the last few years. Who does your company use? Do they have the capability you need or do you have to find another provider?
  • Have you put together your Sales Call Plan? This will become the basis to prepare your agenda.
  • Send out the meeting request with the date, time, dial in information, etc. If this is an international call also include time in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Include your cell phone or another number of someone not on the call in case they have any issues dialing in
  • Prepare a detailed agenda and send out to all attendees.
  • Send out any visual aids anyone needs to see prior to the meeting.
  • Send out a reminder an hour before the call with the call in information. They now have the needed information on hand and do not have to hunt for it in their email

Tips for your conference call

- If your plan is to have a conference call that involves a technology, like interactive web conferencing, that you have not utilized before ask someone in your organization who has done it for any tips.

- Rehearse with someone who is at a different desk or location to make sure of timing and that things run smoothly.

- Familiarize yourself with all the features and functions you will need during the call.

- Know how to call for help - either someone internally or the conference call plan company.

Information is key in the sales process. Your detailed conference call plan will ensure the correct information is given & received and the call runs smoothly & efficiently.

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