Effective Cold Calling

Effective cold calling relies on good cold calling basics and your positive attitude. For cold calling to be effective it needs to be planned out.

Why are you cold calling?

- Does your manager require you to make so many cold calls per week?

- Are you feeling stuck, have an almost empty funnel and cold calling makes you feel productive?

- Did your company just buy a list and everyone was given some names to call?

- Are you new at the company or new in sales and you are starting from scratch?

- Have you targeted a specific company and you do not know anyone there?

Understanding why you are doing it can change the way you see it. Cold calling has enormous positive potential or it can be frustrating and a complete waste of time. For it to be effective requires a little planning.

Make your Cold Calling Effective

How do you make your Cold Calling effective? Are there tips, techniques, scripts and other tricks to make the calls successful?

  • Cold Calling Basics - Target a specific company. Prepare yourself ahead of time with who you will call, information on them and their company and how you will handle any gatekeeper.
  • Cold Calling Script - Develop and practice a script to get that person's attention. You only have a few seconds. Have a script to get past the corporate operator, the admin and the person who are hoping to speak to. Also develop a script for leaving a voice mail.

  • Cold Calling Tips - Great tips and techniques can help make your cold calling more effective.

  • Cold Calling Books - Fantastic cold calling books to help make your cold calling more effective and productive. Reading these books is taking your cold calling sales training up a notch.
  • Positive attitude - Do you approach your cold calling with a positive attitude or do you go into it negatively and with a feeling of dread?

Using these effective cold calling techniques can open up many new business opportunities. You are doing something most average sales people try to avoid. Yes, many of them will be cold calling. But will they take the time to plan and make it effective?

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