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How To Run a Meeting

Facilitation tips are a crucial part to career sales training. These tips on facilitation help with how to run a meeting successfully.

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We have all been in boring and time consuming meetings. The person running it may not have had any meeting facilitation training. These tips plus the information over on meeting facilitation training will assist anyone looking to learn how to run a meeting.

Tips for Facilitation

  1. Set the tone & pace of the meeting up front. Start on a note of confidence and with high energy.
  2. Review the agenda, goals of the meeting and rules of meetings that will be followed.
  3. Do not form attachments to people in the group. People could think you are taking sides.
  4. Carefully observe the dynamics of the group.
  5. Challenge thinking within the group.
  6. Summarizes the issues from time to time.
  7. Raises questions to bring out different viewpoints.
  8. Guides discussion, but does not lead it.
  9. Restates ideas when the person presenting them is not clear.
  10. Provides constructive criticism when, for example, a person or people attempt to dominate the meeting.
  11. Summarize the action items and who is responsible at the end of the meeting.

If you use these tips for facilitation your meeting will be more streamlined and productive. People will want to come to your meetings. As time goes on you will find that people come better and better prepared. They will also expect other people to come prepared.

Whether you are running a meeting for your sales team or a client meeting use these tips. Your meetings will come across as professional and be very productive.

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