Five Step Sales Process

Use this five step sales process when building a sales process. This five step sales process will help you build solid client relationships. Each step, one through five, in this sales process is important. Take your time. You will see the benefits when you close the deal.

Sales Process - Five Step by Step

  1. Prospecting - Effective prospecting is critical for your sales success. In many corporations you as the salesperson have to do your own prospecting. Prospecting is not selling. It is about the search for possible customers. After you identify potential customers it is time to qualify a buyer and identify their needs.
  2. Qualifying & Identifying Needs - To qualify a buyer it is your job to understand what they need and want, their time line, budget and their buying process. Many salespeople go directly from prospecting to presenting a proposal. They spend no time or very little time on this step. Take your time to qualify a buyer. How?

    By asking Powerful Open Ended Questions You are building long term relationships during this phase of the sales process. So ask the open ended questions and use information gathering techniques to get a clear picture.

  3. Presenting Proposal - Link their need to your product or service. Match specific features, benefits and advantages of your product or service to their specific need. Check with them after each specific item and make sure they agree. If not drill down through a series of questions and find out why.

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  4. Closing the Deal - You have qualified the customer, tied your features and benefits to their needs and given a great presentation. Have you asked for the order. I have seen sales people do a great job on the first 3 steps in the sales process. Yet they do not ask for the order. They wait for the client to say something. The key is to ASK
  5. Follow up - What do you do after you close the deal? Communicating with your customer after the deal is closed is important. I have seen sales people close the deal and then let their operations people deal with the customer. They have moved on to the next deal. While it is important to move onto the next deal and to let our operations people do their jobs, it is equally important to follow up and stay close to a customer. They provide references, referrals and future business.

    Periodic follow up is important. Not just right after the sales but weeks or months later to make sure the client still sees the benefits of the product or service.

  6. Use this five step sales process and watch your sales grow.

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