Free Time Management Tips

Free time management tips - Learning time management skills and the advantages of time management.

These free time management tips are ones to read again and again to remind ourselves to manage the time we have. The advantages of time management are numerous. As busy salespeople we always want or need more time in a day to get in front of more clients and prospects.

Reading these free tips for time management often can help you to plan and manage your day and maximize the time you do have.

Learning time management skills is about changing and/or modifying our existing behavior. A great way to start is to ask yourself ....

  1. Where are my time bandits? - What behaviors, people or situations rob you of your precious time? Is it standing around the break room on Moday morning discussing the game or the weekend activities? Does a certain person always stop at your desk to discuss the weekend, complain, etc.

    Analyze at the end of your day where your time went. For more on time bandits.

  2. What is your work style behavior? - A first step in learning time management skills is to understand your work style. We can not manage time only our approach to how we work and our behavior. Are you a social butterfly at work? Do you work best under pressure so you are always in crisis mode? Are you a perfectionist? Do you over analyze and research so much you never pick up the phone and call the client? Do you try to take on too much and be all things to all people?
  3. Put together a prioritized daily to-do list - Write down the night before or first thing in the morning, all the tasks that you need to complete that day. It does not matter if you use paper or a software program - whatever works for you. If it is a large item, break it down into manageable tasks. Once you have your list complete, prioritize the list from your most important or highest priority. It is very tempting to work on the easy ones or least urgent ones. They tend to be paperwork or other mundane tasks.

    The key is to work on the top 3 items first. Top salespeople focus on their top three tasks first.

  4. Stay Focused - Keep your focus on your goals and objectives for the day. I like to put up sticky notes up in various places reminding me to focus. I have used the word focus or even drawn a picture of a bulls eye to make me think about each activity and whether it is moving me closer to my goals or further away.

    Think about whether the activity you are engaged in is a time bandit, a perfectionist technique, or whether it is even one of your top three activities for the day.

  5. Be Realistic and stay flexible - Be realistic in what you can accomplish in one day. Make note as to whether you are accomplishing you objectives for the day or whether you underestimated the time and effort for a specific task. Do not beat your self up or set yourself up for failure.

    Be realistic and go easy on yourself. Also do not make your schedule so rigid that you can not be flexible when needed.

Your time is valuable. Practice these free time management tips and see for yourself the benefit and advantages of time management. Learning time management skills is a big help in being more productive and reducing stress.

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