How To Evaluate Software

How to evaluate software? There is a lot riding on the evaluation of a sales tracking software package. Will you use a CRM hosted software or something else? Taking the time up front to evaluate sales tracking software can eliminate many potential problems down the road - difficult to use, integration problems, not providing the desired information, etc.

How to Evaluate Software

  • List your most frequent sales activities. What are the main activities you want the sales tracking software to do? Is it

    - lead tracking- contact management- sales funnel management- forecasting- sales analysis

    This list will be part of a checklist you can use to evaluate the software. It will help keep you focused on what is important and not be dazzled by unnecessary bells and whistles. Keep your requirements simple. Include other sales people in the evaluation process.

  • Evaluate how easy is the software to use? Have you only seen a sales demon? Can you get a free trial period so you can evaluate and play with it yourself? If not, plan to ask detailed questions of any references.

    As you evaluate how the software works a few things to look at are:

    - how easy it is to find what you need

    - number of clicks needed to add information or update information

    - does the displayed information seem have a logical look and matches how you do business

    - is it easy to save records even if it is only partially filled in?

    - how quickly can be people become proficient at using the software?

    - does it provide the reporting you are looking for with the required information. Is it easy to get the reports or is the process complicated.the reports

  • How easily can the sales tracking software integrate with the existing applications the sales team uses?

  • Software Cost - Does it fit into your budget? What are the yearly maintenance fees? Will you need to customize it? If so what is the estimate to do the customization?

When you look at how to evaluate software prepare a checklist with all the important requirements. Keep it simple. Compare apples to apples. Sales tracking software is a great tool. Select it with care.

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