How to Increase Sales

How to increase sales and find more customers?

Let's look at ways to increase sales and how to find more customers. Part of any sales account strategy and sales management strategies is to increase sales. How to do that can be accomplished with some simple changes in your approach to your clients and potential clients.

Increase Sales - Simple How to

Solicit more referrals
This action might sound easy and maybe you already do it or think you do.
I remember years ago my boss asked me if I was asking my clients for referrals. "Of course I am", I responded. He then asked me to write down what clients I had asked about a referral and how I had asked. As I sat down to write this up, I realized I had only asked a couple of clients and that I had basically asked the question so fast I am not sure my client understood what I was even saying.

The key to getting more referrals is to ask for them

Make it a habit
- Existing client - Ask when they compliment your work. "I am glad you
are happy with our work and/or product. Who else do you know that would benefit from our service and/or product?

- New client - Be upfront - "If you are pleased with our work, will you
agree to give me a referral?

- Schedule it on your calendar and set a goal.

Find more business within an existing client - Depending on what you sell there could be other opportunities within the same company and even the same department. When I go through this item with sales teams it is the one of the tops actions that is neglected.

Your network - Ask who they know at your target companies. Be specific with them on your type and size of target company.
Form a network of other salespeople who sell different product and/or services into your target companies. You can help one another.

Prospect List
Review your prospect list and weed out the junk. When we weed out the time wasters it gives us more time to spend with the legitimate potential customers.

Ask yourself
- is this person a dead end?
- are they really the decision maker?
- do they have the budget to buy?

It is time to clean out your closet or in this case your prospect list!

Lead Qualification
Many salespeople are so happy to get the client meeting they do not take the time to really qualify the customer. Ask the open ended question.

My favorite goes something like "What happens if you don't buy the product (or service) or what will be the impact of not buying ......or How will you handle (state the problem) if you do not purchase?

How they answer will tell you how serious they are about purchasing.

You can also ask if the budget has been approved. Are they the decision maker, etc.

The quicker you can disqualify a potential lead the quicker you can move to your next prospect.

Major Account Sales Strategy
The quickest way to increase sales is to make sure you have a major account sales strategy. Our guide walks you through the steps needed to close your deals.

How to increase sales is a question usually asked daily by sales people and sales managers. These tips to increase sales and how to get referrals help you weed out the dead wood and keep you focused.

These tips can be added to your Sales Management Strategies. Share them with your team and add to them.

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