How To Stop Procrastination

Learn how to stop procrastination with these procrastination strategies. Procrastination has a huge effect on your sales quota. Understanding procrastination and how to stop it with some procrastination strategies is important. You will quickly see the difference in your sales quota.

Procrastination Strategies

  1. Confront Your Fears - Think about why do you procrastinate and specifically what you are procrastinating about. Maybe you do not want to cold call. Or maybe you delay asking the client for the order because 'the time is not right'.

    TIP: Make 3 columns on a piece of paper.

    In the first column, write down what the fear or nervousness is about.

    In the second column,write what is worse that could happen.

    In the third column write - 'So what?' and ask yourself that question

  2. Perfectionism - If you are a perfectionist you might procrastinate until you feel you have enough time to do something perfectly.

    TIP: Set a deadline for yourself to complete a task. Ask yourself "what is good enough?". Your 70% might be someone elses 110%

  3. Goals - Many us have yearly sales goals or even monthly goals. Some are dictated to us by our company when they assign us a sales quota.

    TIP: Every week define what your sales goal for the week is. It might look something like.....

    My sales goals for the week are:

    - Make 3 client presentations to potential new clients

    - Make 100 cold calls

    - Ask for a referral from 2 existing clients

    Make it specific and meaningful to you. I prefer to put this together Sunday night or even Friday afternoon. Write it down and stay focused on it. Keep the list with you.

  4. Resistance - Sometimes we procrastinate because we do not like the person who assigned the task.

    TIP Make a game out of getting it done and reward yourself with a prize upon completion.

Learning how to stop procrastination with these procrastination strategies is a necessary step in helping you to meet your sales quota.

Do not let procrastination ruin or diminish a potentially great sales career

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