How to Write a Business Proposal?

How to write a business proposal and increase your success rate? What is the best business proposal format? Should you use a business proposal software? How do you differentiate your product & service from everyone else. Learn how to write an executive summary that will increase you win rate.

Write a Business Proposal - How to Tips

These How to tips are invaluable when you write a business proposal.

  1. Remember - It is all about the client - Keep in mind the client's specific needs & preferences. As the sales person you have insight the other departments working on the proposal will not have.Personalize the proposal so that it addresses their wants, needs, concerns and preferences. Do not rely on canned company boilerplate.
  2. Show the value - Provide your client the financial and non-financial benefits of your product or service. Be specific and clear. Avoid the tired phrases everyone uses. Show how what you are offering maps to their situation, environment and organization.
  3. Business Proposal Format - Agree early on, internally, on the business proposal format. Putting together your response will beeasier to complete & coordinate internally. There are a few options on what format to choose. For additional information on setting up a Business Proposal Format.
  4. Learn how to write an executive summary - You have seconds to grab your client's attention. The executive summary needs to be clear and compelling and grab their attention. Use it to sell. To read more on how to write a strong executive summary ...
  5. Avoid phases like ...

    "We intend to..."

    "We believe..."

    "We think...."

    Clients see them all the time.

Consider how much time and effort you and your sales team spend preparing RFPs (Requests For Proposals). It is important to learn how to write a business proposal with the right business proposal format.

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