Ice Breakers for Meetings & Training

Using these ice breakers for meetings & training is a great way to start your sales training, sales meetings or help you have effective staff meetings. Ice breakers can help people relax at the start of the meeting and set the tone.

Ice Breakers for Any Meetings

Use these ice breakers any time during your meetings or training. I like to do quick ice breakers at the beginning of meetings and other ice breakers after lunch to get every one at the meeting moving around and talking.

True or False
Have participants say three things about themselves - two true and one false. Everyone else gets to guess which one is the lie.

The List
In a small group ask everyone to identify two questions they hope to have answered during the presentation, training or meeting. If it is in a large group select specific people and have them list their top concern/objective.

Comic Strip Chaos
Select a number of multiple-frame cartoons from the Sunday funnies or from a website (print them out). Cut them into individual frames. Place the frames in a container. Have each participant picks one comic frame from the container. After everyone has a frame, have every one stand up. The participants begin to search for others with the same comic strip sequence.

After the participants have found everyone in their group, they arrange themselves so that the sequence of frames is in correct order. Upon completion of sequence, the newly formed group sits down together. This is a great game to break large group into smaller groups and to mix up groups that sat down together.

Do You See It or Hear It?
Explain that you want everyone to listen closely and follow directions exactly. They cannot ask questions. Instructions will only be given once. Tell everyone to “place his or her right hand on his or her chin.” However, provide them with a visual cue that is different. Instead of placing your hand on your chin, place the palm of your hand on your cheek or on top of your head. Some people will follow the visual cue and others will follow the verbal cue.

This exercise illustrates how much we can rely on visual cues. Many people will feel confused, and of course, this illustrates the importance of clear communication. Questions would have resolved the confusion. It also points out that when meeting with clients how important it is to pay attention to the visual cues and the verbal cues.

Having ice breakers for meetings can help everyone relax and get focused on whatever the purpose of the event is. I think ice breakers are an important part to having effective staff meetings. Who said your meetings need to be boring. You can also use an ice breaker as a learning opportunity during sales training or any training.

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