Influence Tactics

What are some influence tactics you can use as a salesperson? What is influence & what are some tactics you can use? An important part of any career sales training needs to be influence & persuasion techniques & tactics

A great influence definition is ....

- A power affecting a person, thing or course of events or

- Power to sway or affect

What are some techniques & tactics you can use so you can influence?

7 Key Tactics to Influence

  1. Listen - Listening is a key influencing skill. It helps to develop trust & rapport faster than anything. It is difficult to impossible to influence without trust & rapport. to work on your active listening skills check out our tips and rules to improve your active listening skills.

  2. Show interest - Keep up on what is going on in the industry. Show genuine interest in your client's industry, their issues and challenges. Send them articles, let them know about great speakers of interest, etc.

  3. Understand their issues - Understanding your client's issues at their company and with their jobs goes a long way in increasing your importance. It helps to build trust and rapport. Your ability to influence or sway goes up when the client realizes you understand their issues.

  4. Become a speaker - Share your expertise at a client lunch & learn, association meetings, etc. Become known for giving value to your clients.

  5. Connect - Connect your client to other clients who are in similar situations or have similar issues. Connect them to people/companies who can help them solve their problem or issue. Become a subject matter expert in connections. Does your client need a good recruiter for IT? Refer them to someone you know. Are they looking for a job themselves? Connect them with some of your other clients to network.

    You become the "go to" person for your client and a trusted ally. You also build relationships with the companies/people you refer them to.

  6. Be friendly & respectful to everyone - We meet many people at our client sites - admins, clerks, receptionist, etc.Being friendly, respectful & interested in them is the right thing to do. They are also a wealth of knowledge about the people you are trying to meet with & the organization itself.

  7. Honesty - Honesty is always the best policy when in sales. It also means owning up when you have made a mistake or there is an issue or problem.

Use these influence tactics, practice your active listening skills and take additional career sales training as needed. These tactics for influence will have an impact on your sales closing

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