Integrative Negotiation Technique

Integrative negotiation can also be referred to as win-win negotiation technique. It is a strategy to use when the goal is an outcome that is good for both parties.

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The negotiation technique most people are familiar with is distributive negotiation. That technique is all about getting the best possible outcome for you and/or your company. We often use this technique when buying a car or house.

Sales Negotiation Training

For building long term positive client relations using a negotiation technique that is integrative. This technique combines the needs and desires of all parties. It is a win-win for all parties.

For this negotiation technique to work, it requires that both sides want an integrative process to be followed. It can require more effort but the results are so much more satisfying.

The idea of integrative negotiation is to work together to find the outcome that best helps both sides. This requires both sides to put more effort than usual into understanding what the other side requires and desires from a deal.

Analysts of the tactic say it works best when the two sides concentrate primarily on the main point of the deal, rather than coming up with many secondary points which they will then “trade off” as part of the negotiating process.

Key Rules of Negotiation

  • Do not confuse the deal with the relationship. Avoid this trap by keeping issues surrounding the deal (such as price and service levels) and the relationship (such as mutual understanding and respect) separate.

    When you and the other side don't feel that you need to trade the quality of the relationship for the terms of the deal, you exchange information more freely and become more creative and collaborative in your discussions.

  • Have mutual respect. Respect the other party and their interests. Do not accept anything less for yourself.

  • Respect and pay attention to your feelings. Do not put yourself at a disadvantage before you start with feelings of self doubt or lack of power.

  • Identify and agree upon the main focus of the deal and focus on getting agreement on the main point of the deal.

  • Prepare. Prior to the negotiation be clear on your interests. Find out as much as you can about the person you are negotiating with.

  • Look at the negotiation as a team effort with the client. It is not a competition. In this type of negotiation you are looking for an agreement that is beneficial to all parties.

  • Always ask How important is this issue to me? How important is an issue to the client?

As Aristotle said, 'One can become angry; that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose — that is not easy.' "

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