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Join LinkedIn, review our the LinkedIn training tips, now what? Even if you have already joined LinkedIn check out our tips to help you build your business lead list.

Build Your Business Lead List

  1. What is your goal, purpose or objective to join LinkedIn?
    This question is important to answer before you fill out your profile. LinkedIn is the place to find people, clients, etc. and a place to be found by people, clients, etc. This huge database of professionals helps you get back in touch in a way that other social networking sites can't.

    You can also join Groups on LinkedIn to share your expertise and obtain knowledge and information to any pressing issue you might have.

    Is your goal for joining LinkedIn is to

    - attract more clients,

    - find a new job or

    - reconnect with old friends and business associates?

    Your profile could change depending on your goals and objectives.

  2. Boost your Sales
    Make your profile client focused if you are trying to attract more potential sales leads. If you were meeting a client for the first time do you rattle off information on your resume, like where you worked and what was your title? Of course you don't. You provide them information on how you help your clients solve their problems.

    Make sure your profile shows clearly what you and/or your company can do for them and their organization.

  3. Join Groups on LinkedIn
    Go where your clients are. where the decision makers are. Be active in the discussions and debate. Do not hold back on your expertise. Share it.

  4. Use Share an Update
    This section is a great way to keep clients and prospects updated on any business news. Whether a new product launch or new product features, an upcoming workshop, etc. It is a great way to notify your list of upcoming events and happenings.

  5. Great Business Intelligence
    Prior to calling a prospect look them up on LinkedIn. You now have information about where they worked previously, where they went to school and what LinkedIn Groups they belong to. Depending on what you find you can use your contacts to help you get a meeting or call. The amount of information you get could help you go from a cold call to a warm call

Quota Buster to Try Today

Use LinkedIn to make an unknown connection. For example, you are trying to get a meeting with Ms. Executive VP at ABC Company. You notice on her profile that she use to work at XYZ Company. You remember that your former marketing assistant worked there at the same time.

Without LinkedIn you would have never known about this connection. You can now ask your former marketing assistant to provide you an introduction. You can also get some information on your prospects hot buttons, etc.

Join LinkedIn today and build a better business lead list

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