Learning Time Management Skills

Learning time management skills helps you fill up the sales tracking funnel and answers "Why Time Management is Important".

Sales people have unique challenges when it comes to managing their time. You have lots of freedom about what to work on when. It makes learning and implementing time management skills even more critical.

Why is Time Management Important to Sales Funnel Tracking?

You want to make more sales this year, this month, this week? Work on the things that will bring in the biggest results, the quickest.

Start learning time management skills and implementing a few of these tips and techniques. You will start to see the results in your sales tracking funnel.

Know what your career goals and objectives are.

  • What are your objectives for the year. For sales people usually our objective is the yearly & quarterly sales quota. With this information you develop your list of clients to go after in order to meet your quota and fill up the sales tracking funnel. Include some easy goals.
  • Based on the sales objectives, plan your day either first thing in the morning or the night before. Your activities should support the objectives you set for yourself. Be specific. Instead of saying "make client calls" or "cold call today, list how many calls and to whom.

    You can also use your calendar for this part. A good tip is to write down specifically what you will do and when you will do it. For example, "Make 12 cold calls between 8:30 - 9:30 am"

  • Prioritize your daily list. It is human nature to do the easy goals first. Instead pick your top 3 priorities for the day and get those completed first. Break them into smaller tasks if necessary. For example, if one of your items is to complete the proposal to the Acme Door Company, it might be a good idea to break that into smaller tasks.

Where do you spend your time?

  • Keep a time management log for a few days and see where you really spend your time. After every activity or once an hour write down everything you just did and how long you spent on it. Even if it 3 minutes talking to Joe about the unbelievable touchdown pass in yesterday's big game.

    Analyze your log and learn from it. Learning time management skills is about first understanding where you spend your time.

Identify the Time Bandits

  • Review your Monday morning habits or any morning in the office. Do you go to the office, boot up your computer, go get a cup of coffee and hang around the break room talk about weekend sports, the kids, the movie you saw, etc. You go back to your desk look at email, respond to a couple of them, clean out your inbox and on and on. You then look at the clock and realize it is now almost time for lunch.

    Are your activities helping you to meet and exceed your sales quota and fill up the sales tracking funnel?

  • Are there people around who misuse your time, either gossiping, playing , or shoving things off onto your shoulders. Learn to say "No" and set boundaries. Change your environment if needed. Go work at home or in a conference room to get on track.
  • Recognize self-defeating emotions & problems such as fear and anxiety, difficulty concentrating, poor time management, indecisiveness, negative self talk and perfectionism.
  • Do not be lured in by a newly presented task or problem. If someone calls in a panic or sends an urgent email do you stop what you are doing immediately and focus on that task? Or do you stop and ask yourself whether this is really your responsibility and someone else should be handling it? Can it be delegated? If not, ask yourself does it need to be given immediate attention or is later in the day or tomorrow sufficient priority?

    Do not let your time and calendar get hijacked unless it is warranted

  • Figure out who your internal support team is. You do not have to answer and solve every customer problem. Use them when needed. Show appreciation for their efforts and support.
  • The sales Funnel can be a big time bandit.

    - Review your current client list and Sales Tracking Funnel to see where you are wasting time. Ask yourself "Am I wasting my time spinning my wheels with one client and neglecting other promising accounts." Should this client even be in my sales tracking funnel?

    - Am I wasting time dealing with an underling or gate keeper all the time. Instead of tracking down and meeting with the real decision maker.

    - Do they actually have the budget and approval to proceed? Have you asked the hard questions about the budget, time frame, etc.

  • You will quickly see that learning time management skills will have a positive impact on your sales tracking funnel. Only you can truly answer why time management is important to you. Keep learning time management skills and work on improving them. It will pay off.

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