Meeting Facilitation Training

Meeting facilitation training is an essential tool for every sales person. As a sales people you might have a client meeting, proposal presentation meeting, staff meeting, cross functional team meeting to plan client deliverables, etc.

Whether your meeting is in person or you are doing online meeting planning there are key rules of meetings that are good to follow

So the question is....

How To Run a Meeting?

A meeting is an occasion when people come together to get something done, whether it is sharing information or making decisions.

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We have all been in a bad meeting or one when nothing got done except to waste your precious time.

With meeting facilitation training you can have a meeting that is productive and enjoyable.

Features of good meetings are:

* Goals of the meeting are understood by all participants

* There is a clear process the meeting will follow to reach these goals

* As the facilitator you are aware that people can come with their personal preoccupations, their own agenda and/or a vested interest in the subject

* Everyone has a sense of involvement in the decisions

What Does a Good Facilitator Do

  • Creates a strict agenda and sticks to it. The agenda should be tied into the stated goals of the meeting. Without a strong agenda, attendees could bring upitems that are not pertinent to the meeting, project or other attendees. It is easy to get off track in a meeting.
  • Starts the meeting on time Always start the meeting on time. Otherwise you train people to just be late.
  • Is a clock watcher Each agenda item should have a time limit. That time limit should include the amount of time to discuss the item and make decisions and action steps. As the facilitator it is your job to make sure the allotted time is
  • Goes from agenda items to action items At the end of an agenda item discussion there should be a decision made, an action item with a person assigned responsibility to complete. A date of completion should also be assigned
  • Assures clear communication Make sure all communication is understood by all. Repeat and rephrase decisions and action items.
  • Learns from their mistakes At the end of the meeting ask for feedback of what went well and what can be improved upon. Be open to suggestions.You are not only learning but the participants are too. They need time to adjust to the new and streamlined formatand processes.
  • Assigns responsibilities Assign people to take minutes and make sure agenda items are closed out and completed, be the clock watcher, etc. As everyone learns how to run the meetings everyone will be engaged even more to make it more efficient.
  • Sends out meeting minutes and action items quickly Include a brief quick summary and action items and responsibilities on the front and more detailed minutes as back up. Send out the same day or the next morning for a late meeting.
  • Follows up Depending on the time frames involved send a follow up email requesting a status update on the action items

Meeting facilitation training is an important aspect of a sales person's toolbox. You want to stand out head and shoulders above your competitors.

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