Negotiation Mistakes

Studying common negotiation mistakes is important to sales negotiation training.

You will probably make negotiation mistakes during your sales career. Even the best negotiators can make mistakes during a negotiation. As part of your sales negotiation training we have provided you with this list.

Use this list of mistakes made in a negotiation to learn. The best negotiators are always analyzing what worked and what did not work at the end of a negotiation process and learning from the mistakes made.

Mistakes made during a Negotiation

What worked? What did you do well? What areas do you need to work on? What did you totally fail to do? Make notes of areas to read more about, get more training on and/or practice and role play with others.

Mistakes in NegotiationPositive OutcomeSolution & Next Steps
Failing to prepare
Not trusting yourself, having low expectations of yourself and your capabilities
Believed they had all the power, felt intimidated by their status, size, etc.
Accepted their first offer
Got stuck on one issue and continued grinding
Took it personally
Gave away concessions with nothing in return or not of equal value
Made concessions without knowing all their demands
Talked too much and listened too little
Tried to be liked during the difficult or final stages of negotiation
Forgot that they are negotiating with you because they believe they have something to gain by being there
Made your initial demand to close to your final objective
Assumed you knew what they wanted without asking questions & testing it
Let yourself be intimidated by demands
Focused on your problems rather than the client's issues & problems

Do not use this list to beat yourself up. Learn from it. Think about how it went well and what you did well. Give yourself a pat on the back. No negotiation is perfect. Mistakes are made during a negotiation. Do what the best negotiators do.

Learn and continuously improve.

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