Four Negotiation Steps to Success

Use these four negotiation steps when negotiating with customers.

Learning these negotiation steps is part of your sales negotiation training.

Negotiating with Customers

  1. Be Prepared - Develop your plan prior to the start of the negotiating with customers. Go through each of the items below and write down your information and responses.

    1. Research the Market - Have a clear understanding of what others are paying for this product and/or service
    2. The Players - Identify the players in the negotiation on your side and the client side. Remember negotiating with customers on a deal takes place between people. Find out all you can concerning personality, background, etc. prior to the start of the negotiation
    3. Anticipate Client Questions - Be prepared with any information your client might request. Have a subject matter expert in the meeting or available by phone if needed.
    4. Your Goals - What is your business level strategy? Write a paragraph of what you want and do not want. What is your objective?

      What are you willing to give and not give?

    5. Their Goals - What is their business level strategy? Now write a paragraph from their perspective on what they want and do not want. What is their objective? Prepare alternate solutions if necessary.

  2. Use your Active Listening Skills to listen effectively & observe body language - When negotiating with customers it is important to really listen and pay attention. What are they really asking for? Ask open ended, probing questions for clarification. Do not assume you understood what they are asking for or suggesting.

    Does their body language match what they are saying? How are they responding to you statements and comments? How is your body language? Do you look defensive?

  3. Use Integrative Negotiation Techniques Use this strategy when the goal is a win - win outcome.

  4. Summarize the results at the end - Before everyone leaves the negotiation summarize the agreed upon points. It there are open items, agree on the next steps as well as the time frame for follow up.

Most sales people do very little preparation when negotiating with customers. Follow these steps in negotiation when negotiating with customers. Sales negotiating training has a huge impact on your closing ration.

By preparing you have increased your chances significantly for a positive outcome.

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