Nonverbal Gestures & Communication Cues

Understanding nonverbal gestures & nonverbal communication cues are important sales closing skills. Learn to listen with our eyes. Pay attention to what your client is telling you with their nonverbal communication body language.

Sometimes when we are on a sales call we get wrapped up in the information we think the client needs to hear. Instead, make the effort to read the nonverbal communication cues and gestures.

Gestures: Nonverbal

Adam's Apple Jump - or movement of throat while swallowing is an unconcious sign of stress, nervousness or anxiety. If you are speaking with your client and notice this movement it could be because they disagree with you.

The Blank Face - or expressionless face is usually sends a "DO Not Disturb" message. If you see this you are not getting through to your client.

Chin Rub - If you see your client rub their chin they have made a decision. Do not interrupt your client. Let them talk. If the decision is positive it it time to close the deal.

Body Alignment & Angular Orientation - A client directly facing you usually indicates agreement and admiration. If they are leaning towards you that indicates liking. When there body is angled and they are across from you or if they are sitting next to you and leaning away from you or sitting across from you and leaning back it could indicate a more negative view or disagreement.

Eyeglasses to Lips - We have all seen it. We are talking to a client and they take their glasses off and touch them to their lips. It is a stall tactic. They are delaying making a decision and buying themselves some time. If they put the glasses back on that is a clear buy signal. If they put them down or put them away you have ore work to do to close the sale. Start asking some more open ended questions.

Our client's nonverbal gestures and nonverbal communication cues provide you a road map on where to go with your client. Learning to read their nonverbal communication body language and watch what happens to your sales closing skills.

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