PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Use these PowerPoint presentation tips for help in presenting effectively. Our goal in presentation coaching is to provide you tips on presenting professionally, effectively and clearly. These PowerPoint tips will help make your presentation better.

Presentation Tips for PowerPoint

  1. Keep your audience in mind - Who are they? What question might they have? What do they need to know and what will they want to now? Remember when you develop your presentation to think about "What's in it for them?"

  2. Keep it simple It is suggested that your presentation have no more than 5 words per line and no more than 5 lines per slide. The slides are not the focus of the presentation. Your audience is. Do not fill the slides up with clip art, logos and complex charts and graphs. The audience is there to hear you not read your slides.

  3. Simplify graphs and charts They need to be easily readable from the back of the roomIf you can't read the numbers take out information and only use key supporting information. Prepare a handout with detailed information for later referral by the audience.

  4. Time your remarks Do not change the slide to coincide with your comments.The audience will be reading the slide and not paying attention to you. Change the side, pause and then start talking.

  5. Slide color Cool colors (such as blue and green ) tend to work best for the background. In a dark room the background fades away. With this background use a white or light text. If you are in a room with the lights on or it has lots of ambiant light use a white or light background with black or dark text. A presentation with a dark background tends to wash out with lots of light.

  6. Font Arial and Arial Bold are the best fonts for a PowerPoint presentation. Make sure the size is large enough to read from the back of the room.

  7. Limit animation Animation can be distracting and can slow you down. It is best to limit the use of animation or not use it at all.

  8. End with next steps I like to end all my presentations with a next step slide. You can provide what you see as the next steps and ask for additional items from your audience. Clarifying what are the next steps for everyone is essential in order to manage expectations.

I hope you find these tips on presenting effectively, practical and useful. I have found these PowerPoint presentation tips to be very useful when I put together my presentations. In presentation coaching we realize if we follow these basic tips we can focus on the audience and not the slides.

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