Presenting Effectively
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Presenting effectively & presenting to win is important to pursuing career success

Presenting professionally & effectively - you need to be able to answer


as you prepare your presentation.

Effectively Presenting

Making & delivering presentations is an essential skill for salespeople pursuing career success. The top achieving salespeople are always great presenters.

Winging a presentation is never a good idea. Presenting to your client, effectively and professionally first starts with preparation and planning. With the proper preparation & planning you are 90% of the way there. Delivery is straightforward if you are prepared.

  • What - The key to presenting effectively is to know Strong>WHAT you will deliver in your presentation. What is your purpose? What is the point? What to you want your audience to do, believe, feel, consider, experience, think, imagineor say at the end of your presentation?Knowing the answer to these questions will go a long way in organizing your presentation so you are presenting effectively.

    Author, John Irving, (The World According to Garp plus other novels) said in an interview that he always starts a new novel by writing the last sentence first. He then goes to the beginning and builds the story to that sentence. So what is the point of your presentation? What do you want them to remember, do, etc. Now you know where you want to end up, so now you can figure out the words, ideas, data, pictures you will need to get you there.

  • Who - Who are you presenting to? How can you effectively present anything if you do not know your audience?

    - Why are they there?
    - What is my objective with this audience?
    - What will they do with the information I provide?
    - What is their knowledge level?
    - What is their role - Position at the company, executive, influencer or decision maker, etc.?
    - What's in it for them?
    - What questions might they have?
    - What do they need to know & what do they want to know?
    - What is their problem & how can I solve it?

    Success lies in your ability to reach your audience. Presenting to win and effectively is easy when you know your audience and can answer these questions. Tailor your message to the audience, whether it is one person or a large group.

  • How - Ask yourself "How will my presentation support the point I want to make?" Does my point solve their problem? Does each slide support your point? How does each story I tell support my point?

    For example, If you are making a PowerPoint presentation, make sure each bullet, sub-bullet and story communicates clearly to the client the point.

    How do I communicate with the audience

    How will I deliver my point? Be more than a fact presenter.

    Make sure your presentation answers "How can we do it better than the competition without ever mentioning the competition?

  • Where - Where will you be making the presentation? Will it be just you and the client in their office? Or will you be in a conference room with several other people? Or are you up on a stage making a large group presentation?

    Understanding where let's you set up the best way to present and to select the right format.

In pursuing career success in all the best sales careers make sure you know the keys to presenting effectively and presenting to win.

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