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Price Negotiator skills are a necessity for any salesperson. For any contract negotiations price, delivery, scope, etc. can be part of the deal.

Negotiator - Price, Scope, Delivery

Do you understand your client's business buying process? If not you could get
caught in this scenerio...

After much negotiation with your client on scope and delivery they say "Your solution and revised proposal are just what I am looking for. I have forwarded the proposal and other information to our purchasing department. They will be calling you."

You get that call from purchasing and they now what to negotiate price! You have already given away many key items with the person
you thought had the final say. You did not know your client's business
buying process and the only thing purchasing cares about is being able to tell their boss they got an 18% price reduction.

As the salesperson and the negotiator of price, scope, delivery, etc. it is important to remember that the negotiation starts the minute you say hello.

How do you become a great price negotiator?

How do you become a great price negotiator?

  1. Be prepared from the very beginning. At some point your client or someone in the organization will start to negotiate with you. Be prepared. Being a great negotiator is not just about price. Do not make these negotiation mistakes. Remember ....
  2. Knowledge is Power - In our Secrets of Negotiating, item #5 states Knowledge is power. Do you know who the competition is? Do you really know what is important to the client? Many times what they say is not the complete story. Learn how to ask the open ended questions to find out what
    the real story is and what is important to the client. Put together a questioning strategy. Talk to as many people
    as you can to build a complete picture. A key item to learn
    about is the client's ....
  3. Know their Business Buying Process - Learn as much about this as you can from the very beginning. Use more than one source to fill in gaps and confirm what you learn. I have found many times that people are not always aware of the details of their company's business buying process. For additional information on a client's buying process....
  4. Prepare - Negotiation is all about preparation. Prepare your
    questioning strategy. Review the steps involved in an integrative negotiation.Most of all pay attention and practice your active listening skills.

Remember, negotiation is an ongoing process that starts at the beginning of any client relationship. Be a negotiator on not just price!

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