Procrastination Effects

Procrastination Effects our setting and achieving goals. Overcoming procrastination is a key goal setting tip The effects of procrastination or of putting things off is quick to show up for a salesperson. The missed opportunities, rushed deadlines, lack of time, etc. can seriously effect & impact a salesperson's quota and income.

The Effects of Procrastination

What are some of the effects of procrastination?

  1. Frantic scrambling at the last minute - If you spend all your time avoiding a situation with a client you have very little time left to plan & prepare your meeting or call. The effect will be you are unprepared, disorganized, stressed. It could be a disaster.Focus your time on planning for all the possible questions or push backs. If you do, your chance for a successful, meeting goes up significantly.

  2. Staying in your comfort zone & loosing clients - Ask yourself why you are procrastinating about calling the client with bad news or making the cold call or asking for the order. Are you putting it off because you are feeling unsure, scared of the outcome, etc. Planning the call and reviewing possible scenarios goes a long way to building confidence. To be a success in sales you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.
  3. Missed deadlines and broken promises - When you procrastinate chances are you are either scrambling at the last minute to make your deadline or you miss it all together. These missed deadline and broken promises erode your credibility and break whatever trust you have worked hard to build with your client, coworkers, etc.
  4. A negative impact on everyone around you - Putting things off not only effects you. It impacts your coworkers, clients, family, etc. Your coworkers could be waiting on you for information. Your client might be holding off their boss until they get information from you. Family & friends have to listen to you complain, whine, etc. The negative impact of waiting to the last minute effects other people in ways you might not imagine.

As studies have shown top salespeople manage their time and focus on their ultimate goal. They understand the need to notice anytime they are delaying or putting off a task and to ask themselves why. They stay focused on their customer and their wants and needs.

Overcoming procrastination and understanding the procrastination effects are essential to setting and achieving goals.

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