Role of Sales Management

The role of sales management is crucial to the success of the sales team.
It is up to the sales manager to make sure the sales team is setting and achieving goals and meeting the
sales targets for the organization. These 6 Best Practices and strategies are essential for team success

Role & Responsibility of Sales Management

What is the role and responsibility of sales management? What are Best Practices and strategies should be applied?

6 Best Practices & Strategies

  1. Setting and achieving goals of the sales organization - The sales manager sets the sales goals for the organization.

    Goals must be clear & concise. These goals must doable,
    realistic and reflect the capabilities of the sales team. All activity will be weighed against the goals. If the steps & activities do not bring the individual and/or team closer to the goal, rethink the purpose of the activity.

    Good time management in the workplace is essential for
    the sales team.
  2. Leadership - Are you a leader or a manager?

    - Leaders motivate. Managers focus on the numbers.
    - Leaders are focused on the goals. Managers are focused on tasks.
    - Leaders understand Emotional Intelligence in business and apply it to get the best
    from their team. Managers focus on your steps and tasks

  3. Coaching & training - Do not neglect coaching & training. Schedule
    time for both. Take advantage of opportunities to coach as they arise.
    Those unscheduled coaching moments that arise are ususally the most
    effective and will have the most impact.
  4. Motivation - a key role is making sure the sales team is working as a team, pulling in the same direction towards the same goal. Work motivation can be complicated. It is up to sales management to understand that motivation differs by person. Their role is to motivate the sales team as
    well as understand what motivates each individual on the team. For more on work motivation.....

    Share with them these self motivation tips....
  5. Processes - Most sales people claim to hate regimated sales processes. As the sales manager it is up to you to ensure that your team has the right technology, tools, etc. they need to make their job easier and make your job easier.

    Complex rigid sales processes create an environment
    of avoidance. Put together simple and straight-forward processes together with the team. This activity creates buy in. you want to focus on the important things not be after your salesperson because they did not fill in completely a 15 page form. Check out our Five step sales process...
  6. Communication - As the sales manager it up to you to communicate across all departments within the organization through your reports, emails, presentations, etc.

    It is also up to you to set the tone and cadence of
    your department. Communication is the focal point for all our 5 best practices. Your role to be successful in sales management is to

    - communicate clearly the goals & directions of the department
    - Leading to bring out the best in individual team members
    - Continuous coaching and training
    - Motivating and celebrating as a team
    - Ensuring processes are clearly understood and bought into

The role of sales management is integral to any successful organization. Putting into place these 6 Best Practices and Strategies will change your organization. Your team will be setting and achieving goals like never before.

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