Sales Call Plan

A sales call plan is a key component to account management strategy. Whether this is a phone call or an inperson meeting having a plan for your sales call is essential to increasing your business and your career sales training.

A fundamental job of a sales person is to ask questions. So what is your questioning strategy? The successful salesperson is the one who asks the right question to the right person at the right time. But without a call planhow will you know what to ask.

Components of a Sales Call Plan

  1. What are the objectives of the call? Is this a first time meeting with the buyer? Are you looking to verify information? Are you trying to get a client commitment and close the deal?
  2. Have an agenda you want to follow If it is a formal meeting/presentation get input from the client.
  3. Attendees Get a list of attendees to the meeting. Find out as much as you can prior to the meeting

  4. Ask open ended questions Use key phrases such as

    - explain to me.....

    - tell me....

    - describe to me....

    - what's your opinion...

    - who else...

    - what might be done to.....

    - At what point will ......

    You want to get the big picture and gather as much information on critical business issues.

  5. Your questioning strategy will focus on several areas.

    - Vision type questions - you want to learn as much as you can about strategic initiatives. Researching this information on their website, reading press releases, annual reports beforehand can be useful. It can guide you in the types of questions to ask.

    - Decision questions - You want to understand their process for making a decision: who will be involved, time frame, funding, will they go out for bids, who has final approval, etc. Ask who is the sponsor for this initiative.

    - Vendor Selection - Find out how this is done. Do they have a vendor they have used for years? Is this a vendor list? Is the vendor selection done by committee? Will there be a request for proposal sent out? What do they look for in a vendor?

    - Your company - Do not assume they know anything about your company. Give them a brief overview based on what you learned from your other questions. Ask about what they see as the next steps as well as time frame.

  6. Credibility Make sure you have some good reference stories to use during your meeting, when appropriate.

Improving Listening Skills

A client meeting is the perfect time to focus on improving your active listening skills.

It is important to be all ears and listen.

Using a well developed call plan will significantly effect your sales and your account management strategy.

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