Sales Management Strategies

Use these sales management strategies to create success. The role of sales management is key to any organization that relies on sales.

As a sales manager it is up to you to extract the best out of your
sales team to achieve the goals set for the overall sales team.

Role of Sales Management

Each member of the sales team has unique strengths and weaknesses. It is up to you to help each sales person to play to their strengths and
help them shore up their weaknesses through training, reading
recommendations, sales meetings, etc.

Hire the Right People

You can employ the best management strategies for your sales team,
however if you do not hire the right people with the right skills and
attributes you will be spinning your wheels.

Does your screening process look for attributes such as risk taking,
problem solving abilities, ego strength, etc.? For more on
what makes a good salesperson Great...

Sales Process
What is your sales process? Is everyone familiar with it? Do they use it?
I like this five step sales process. It is easy to use, covers everything
and it is easy to monitor and provide any guidance or coaching needed. Share with them these tips on How to Increase Sales

Coaching & Training
Provide coaching and training to the group and to the individuals.
Put together a sales training plan helping each individual to develop to
their potential.

Developing the right strategies for sales management is important to the development and management of your team. Define your role of sales management. Make it your own.

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