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Sales training games are the fun and easy way to practice and develop successful sales techniques. Playing these training games with other sales people can help you sharpen your question strategy, negotiation tactics and your sales closing techniques.

The Open Ended Question Game

What Do I have in my pocket?

A fun quick game to demonstrate the advantage of asking an open ended question vs. closed question.

Rule The person or team can not ask "What is the item" or any variation of that question.

Step 1: One person selects an item to have hidden.

Step 2: The team or person is allowed 10 closed questions to determine the item in a person's pocket (choose something unusual). Chances are the team or person will never work it out.

Step 3: Select a new item to hide.

Step 4: The team or person is now allowed 10 open questions to determine what the item is.In most cases through this questioning strategy they figure what the item is around question 6 or 7.

This training game for sales takes about 5 minutes. It demonstration the power of asking an open ended question.

In any sales training, even with games, the more you practice the better you get.

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