Sales Training Plan

How to Develop a Training Program for You and/or Your Sales Team

A sales training plan & a sales action plan are great first step to increasing your sales. It will give you and your team a competitive advantage.

Remember your plan for sales training does not need to be perfect. It is a work in progress and can be changed. The key is to get started.

Plan Your Sales Training

How do you develop a training program for yourself or your sales team?

We all learn differently so your plan for sales training success should include a mix of items. I like to make sure any training plan I put together for myself or sales teams includes things such as

- Workshops


Recommended reading lists of books to read - websites and blogs for articles, insights, etc. We have tried to provide you with many articles and information on this website.

- audio books for when you are driving or working out

- Get a mentor

- Join an association for sales

AS you develop this plan for sales training and your sales action plan remember to keep these points in mind.

  • Goals - what do you want to accomplish with your sales goals in the next 30, 60, 90 and 120 days. Your training plan should give you what you need to make sales. If your sales funnel needs filling maybe you need additional help in learning cold calling techniques.
  • Get feedback from others on your strengths and weakness or take a self assessment test. Enhance your skills and close the gaps using the methods outlined above. If you are putting this training plan together for your sales team each one will be different..
  • Put together a schedule for yourself and/or the sales team for the next 30, 60,90 and 120 days. Include in this sales action plan what you will accomplish by what date.
  • Round table discussion - For a sales team have a round table discussion as a followup to any workshops, reading, etc. Share what you think was the most important lesson and why
  • Budget - Do you need to get approval to buy books from the recommended reading lists, attend a workshop, join an association, etc. Check on the process required to get funding.

Your sales training plan and sales action plan is an important aspect to any sales career. Without this training plan your sales could suffer or not grow as fast as you would like.

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