Secrets of Negotiating

What Makes a Good Salesperson

Practicing these secrets of negotiating is part of what makes a good salesperson, GREAT. Every sales negotiation training should include a section on negotiating secrets. You will find these secrets a helpful reminder to review prior to negotiating any deal.

14 Negotiating Secrets

  1. When a negotiation stalls it is time to change something. Ask more questions, change the location, take a break, change the money, the specifications, the timetable, etc. You can also use a little humor if appropriate to defuse any stalemate.
  2. Negotiation is a learned skilled - Learn it, read about it, practice it.
  3. Prior to any negotiation prepare, prepare, prepare and practice
  4. After the negotiation is over, analyze what went well and areas to improve. Next time you will know what to better prepare for and what to read up on and practice.
  5. Knowledge is power. Do not make assumptions or jump to conclusions. Ask more open ended questions
  6. Ask for what you want
  7. Walk into all negotiations with an objective in mind
  8. Refrain from using an ultimatum - everyone gets back into an uncomfortable corner.
  9. Use silence. It is a great tool all successful negotiators use.
  10. Protect what is important. Have blue chips and bargaining chips.
  11. Test early and often any assumptions you made during your sales negotiation preparation
  12. Appreciate and use the power of the open ended question
  13. "Active listening is a stealth weapon of effective negotiation." Bob Bordone, director of Harvard's negotiation and mediation program. With active listening you can find outwhat's driving them, what's important to them, what's motivating them
  14. The best way to answer a question is with a question. "Why do you ask?", "I am not sure I understand?"

Practice these secrets of negotiating. Many sales people do a pretty good job. If you want to know what makes a good salesperson great it usually boils down to the close. Master these negotiating secrets and watch yourself go from good to great.

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