Self Motivation Tips

Drive Your Compensation Higher and Higher

Self motivation tips are an important tool for every sales person. We all know compensation is very important but sometimes we need more than the idea of our compensation package to be motivated.

As sales people we are very busy trying to make more calls, set up more meetings, close deals, input information into the company's sales tracking software, etc. We just know the more we do the more successful we will be.

Even the best of us get discouraged and frustrated. Motivation tips and techniques for your self are always welcome.

You are unique. What motivates one person might not work for you. The motivation tips for your self that you used yesterday or last week might not work today.

Attention! Self Motivation Tips for Everyday

  • What motivates you? Is it crossing off all the items on your to do list? Is it recognition? Is it setting goals and accomplishing them? Do you want to be appreciated for all of your effort? Is it the compensation package and bonuses?

    Are you a big picture person? If so doing administrative type work can be very frustrating. Notice what you like doing and dislike. Try to plan doing the things you dislike at a time in the day when you are more relaxed

  • Pay attention to what demotivates you. What frustrates you? Ask why? Can you change anything about what demotivates you?
  • Who do you associate with at work and home. Negative people or people who complain and gossip can bring you down even on our best day.
  • Take care of yourself. Plan an activity that releases endorphins.

    "Endorphins are neurotransmitters produced in the brain that reduce pain," says Alan Hirsch, MD, neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. "They have also been known to induce euphoria."

    -Walk, run, yoga, swimming, tennis, etc. are all great exercise activities

    - Eating chili peppers are also a way to get the body to release endorphins. A great way to eat chili peppers is to eat chili. For some fantastic chili recipes

    - Do something fun or different, whatever you find enjoyable. Just change your daily routine. Go on a hike, visit a museum or art gallery, play golf, tennis, etc.

  • Listen to upbeat music or motivational tapes on the way to work or while getting ready on the morning.
  • Let go of daily frustrations. For example, do you get really frustrated filling in data in the sales tracking software? Do you try to avoid it at all costs?

    Since you are probably not going to get away with not using the sales tracking software, try to re-frame the activity in your mind. You might try thinking if I enter 5 activities in the system I am that much closer to closing a deal.

  • Write down your goals. Our tips for setting goals will help. Write down daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly goals. Your daily goals should be attainable so you do not become frustrated. Reward yourself for achieving these goals. Use your sales tracking software to track your salesgoals.

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