Strategic Planning Template

Use a strategic planning template to develop your major account sales
. One of the key component of your sales management strategies is having your team develop a major account sales strategy for their key clients or potential clients

This account planning strategic template provides you and the team a
comprehensive view of what you know and don't know about a potential
major account. Developing a strategy and action plan for your major
accounts is critical for your success and your team's success

Definition of Strategic Planning

What is the definition of strategic planning?

From Wikipedia

Strategic planning is an organization's process of defining its strategy,
or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to
pursue this strategy. In order to determine the direction of the
organization, it is necessary to understand its current position and
the possible avenues through which it can pursue a particular course
of action. Generally, strategic planning deals with at least one of
three key questions:

"What do we do?"
"For whom do we do it?"
"How do we excel?"

Filling out this strategic planning template helps you capture the
required information needed to help you identify opportunities and
close the sale. It will help you figure out what you know and what you
don't know. You can then fill in the gaps.

I remember the first time I ever used this template for strategic
planning for a major account. I had worked with this major account when I was with another company.

I thought I knew a lot about them. What I found out was what I knew was just a small sliver of information. I realized I had large gaps in knowledge and client contacts.

This template helped me to develop action plans to fill in the gaps.
With this information I was able to identify 2 very large opportunities.
I was able to develop unique solutions for each opportunity and close the

Have the individual sales person fill out this template for major account
sales strategy.

Right-click to download this PDF template for strategic planning here.

Review them one on one or as a group. It is a great tool
for teaching and coaching.

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