Time Management in the Workplace

The need for time management in the workplace is often an overlooked skill required in your sales training plan.

As a sales person you are always busy. You are juggling several clients who are at different stages in the sales funnel.

There are only so many hours in the day. Learning time management skills to use in the workplace is essential. These skills will go a long way in helping you exceed your quota.

How can you work smarter not harder?

Management of Time in the Workplace

Four key areas to think about are:

  • Know what your career goals and objectives are. How will you achieve them?

    It is hard to manage your time when you are not sure what is most important. Do your actions and activities move you closer to you achieving your goals?

  • Knowing where you spend your time & with what clients? Do you really know what you spend your time on? What are your time bandits? Read more about

    figuring out your time bandits

  • Are you taking care of your own area? or did you spend time helping others and trying to fix things outside of your area of responsibility?

    Focusing on your commitments, goals and objectives is good for you and your organization. How much more successful would your company be if everyone focused on their own area and met their objectives and commitments.

  • Are you procrastinating? Many times we dread a task or are afraid to ask the client the difficult question. Pay attention to when you avoid something and ask why.

  • Time Tracking Business Software - Sometimes we need a little extra push, motivation or structure. This great time management software for salespeople is a real help. You will find yourself having many extra hours available to be in front of clients

Committing to time management in the workplace is essential to your success.

It is about your

Commitment to Win

Commitment to Execute

Commitment to the Client

and your

Commitment to Learning & Implementing Time Management Skills.

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