What are Your Top Stressors

We all have our own top stressors and our approaches to stress management. There are many ways to manage stress. My research has shown that the stressors below are at the top of many people's list.

We all lead busy and hectic lives. So finding tips, techniques and ideas on stress management in the workplace is important.

Top Stressors

  1. Bottling up or Holding on to our emotions

    One of the stressors that is on top of the list is holding onto our emotions. When we loose a sale or we can't get the prospect to commit we can become frustrated, anxious, worried, mad, negative, depressed, etc. We just push these emotions down, put a smile on our face and keep going. The stress keeps building

    There are ways to release stressors

    - Listen to upbeat music. Dance to it and/or sing along

    - Write in a journal and dump all the negative emotion. Do not judge what you write. You do not even need to reread it. Include what happened, how it makes you feel and what your next step is going to be.

    - Communicate - Instead of holding onto the emotion, deal with the situation immediately in a constructive, professional way. Communicate your concerns, frustration, etc. Use Emotional Intelligence to be self aware & to self manage.

    - Physical activity - Take a walk, do yoga, go to the gym, sign up for a zumba class etc. It is a great way to reduce stress. The key is focus on the activity while doing the activity.

    - Breathe - Stop and take deep cleansing breaths. Exhale completely & inhale completely

  2. Unnecessary pressure

    At times we put way too much pressure on ourselves. Be realistic in what you can achieve. It is OK to push ourselves to reach our goals. Realize you can ask for help

  3. Negative self talk - Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself.

    Instead of
    "I will never close this deal. I am not good enough. The client will pick someone else"

    Think positively
    "There is a real possibility I will close this deal" or "There is a real possibility the client will pick my product/service"

Are any of these stressors on top of your list. There are many ways to manage stress. Find an approach that works for you. For other ideas on Ways to Manage Stress

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