Types of Communication

A great sales person learns and uses all types of communication. Effective communication is essential to being a top salesperson.

One of the differences between a good sales person and a great sales person is their mastery of the communication types. Through sales training, mentoring and practice they become experts.

Learn the Types of Communication

  1. Verbal Communication Verbal communication includes oral communication and written communication.
  2. Nonverbal Communication Interpreting nonverbal communication in business is a fundamentalability needed to be an excellent sales person.

    Nonverbal communication includes things like facial expressions, tone of voice, body language. Read information on Nonverbal Gestures

    People do not rely on one type of communication. The more you understand and use the many types of communication the more successful you will be closing the sale.

How Do People Communicate

What Do You Need To Do?

Verbal Communication - Keep your words professional and responsible.

- Do what you say you are going to do

- Avoid gossip, slang and profanity

- Be honest in your words and actions. Do not twist or mislead your client

- Watch the use of negative phrases or words. For example, Replace "we can't do that" with "Here's what we can do or how we can do it" The answer is not 'NO'. Rephrase it. Point out what and how you can do something.

Nonverbal Communication - Nonverbal communication is a very powerful communication.

- Are you making eye contact with your client? Eye contact conveys credibility and confidence

- Body Language - Communicate interest and confidence with a welcoming posture

- Voice - Is your voice warm? Do you have a proper balance of enthusiasm, energy and emotion in your conversations? Your voice tone becomes even more important if you do a lot of your client conversations on the phone.

Tip: Center yourself before each call and let your belief, confidence, enthusiasm for your product or service and desire to help the client shine through.

- Face - Does your confidence and enthusiasm for your product and service show in your face and eyes? Are you really listening to your client? Do you really want to help them? Is your focus on the client or just how fast can I close this deal?

Your face, eyes and smile reflect what is really going on in your head.

For additional information on effective communication & nonverbal communication check out Types of Nonverbal Communication

Sales Quota Buster Tip

Pay attention! Assess the types of communication you use every day. For 1 day pay attention to your actions and behavior

  1. Listen to yourself. What are your conversations conveying to your client and coworkers?
  2. What is your nonverbal communication saying? Pay attention to your facial expressions, body language, voice tone, etc.
  3. Ask someone Ask someone who you know will be frank to assess you. Give them a few basic questions on areas of importance.
  4. Sharpen and practice your Active Listening Skills
It pays to pay attention to the fundamentals of effective communication. Make the necessary changes yourself or get additional sales training.

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