Ways to Manage Stress

Finding ways to manage stress is important for pursuing career success in sales and in any career. As salespeople we experience many types of stress. We experience "good stress" ( you closed a big deal, set up an appointment with a key prospect, etc.).

We also experience negative or "bad stress" when we loose that big deal, procrastinate, can't make quota, get too busy, have to deal with problem clients, etc. Procrastination effects our stress levels. Unless we find ways to manage procrastination & stress the effect will be negative.

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Stress - Ways to Manage It

How can we manage stress? What ways will have the biggest impact?

It is usually not just one thing we can do to manage stress. Figuring out ways to manage it is important and personal for you. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Work on Overcoming Procrastination - As salespeople we have many opportunities to procrastinate. We avoid making cold calls, put off telling our client some bad news, resist calling the senior executive at our prospects company, etc. We rationalize it and make excuses. Unfortunately it does not go away and the effects of our procrastination increases stress our stress levels. So ..... Just Do It!
  2. Exercise - Get some form of exercise everyday. Walk, go to the gym, take a yoga class, etc. Intentionally focus on whatever you are doing and not on work. When walking listen to sounds of nature and completely focus on the sounds and/or try to notice every leaf or blade of glass. You will end your walk relaxed.
  3. Network with high energy positive people - Their energy and attitude is contagious. Avoid negative people, people who stress you out and people who gossip and take time away from your work and focus.

  4. Learn how to express your feelings. Work on your Emotional Intelligence Bottling up your feelings and resentments creates stress. Practice your communication skills to learn how to express your feelings in a productive way. Learning to say No is important. Also learn to ask for what you want with your boss and with your client. The worse they will say is NO

  5. Schedule your time to give yourself plenty of time - Rushing around to get somewhere or finish something creates stress. If you are constantly rushing rethink your schedule. It is much better to arrive early to an appointment. With a smartphone you can always check email, review a document, etc until it is time for your meeting.
  6. Motivational reading, tapes and stories - Read motivational books, listen to motivational tapes & stories. Work on self motivational tips.
  7. Develop a hobby - A hobby can give you a feeling of accomplishment or can be a creative distraction. Take up painting to work on your creative juices, build model airplanes or hiking to get away. Whatever will distract you from work and let you focus on something completely different.

  8. Learn Techniques to Meditate Meditation is a great way to deal with your top stressors. This free guided meditation is easy, quick and powerful.

Learning ways to manage stress is important to pursuing career success. There are many ways to manage stress. Figure out what works for you. Check out our Stress Quotes.

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