What is CRM?

What is CRM? CRM or Customer Relationship management software is not the same thing as contact management software. These two types of sales tracking software packages differ in scope, purpose and cost. So what is it?

CRM - What Is It?

  1. CRM is a corporate wide business strategy. For many companies the customer relationship touches many different people within the organization, not just the salesperson.
  2. CRM is not just a software package. It is a customer centric philosophy that involves the whole organization. It is a process that helps bring together lots of customer information from any sources.

  3. CRM has customer information that is available to anyone on the organization who can benefit from this information or add value to the customer relationship.
  4. A Customer Relationship Management software package integrates into one package a 360 degree view of the customer relationship. Required tasks and activities are easily scheduled and directed to the appropriate individuals. Everyone is now aware of all customer interactions prior to any contact with the customer.It replaces piecemeal systems many companies had to develop for themselves.
  5. CRM brings together all of a company's data sources to provide a real time view of the customer.
  6. CRM provides companies with an opportunity to re-engineer their processes, what kind of customer information is beneficial to them and how they can use it.

Customer relationships are the life blood of any organization. Customer relationship management should not rely on just one person.

CRM - What is It? It is not just any a sales tracking software. It is the way to blend people, processes and technology for the benefit or your customer and your organization.

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