What is Networking?

What is Networking and how do you use it to get network leads?

Networking - What is it?

  1. Networking in business is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients.
  2. Networking is a two way street. Both parties can benefit.
  3. It is an informally interconnected group or association of persons. A network can be personal relationships with friends, family, and others you meet in an informal gathering. It can also be business relationships you develop with vendors, customers, supervisors, subordinates, and even competitors you encounter during the course of your career.
  4. Networking is the act of meeting new people, often in a social setting with the intention of interacting with them, exchanging ideas, and developing mutually rewarding relationships that would ultimately lead to creating new selling opportunities which would bring in additional business.
  5. Networking is a great way to leverage your prospecting time by getting in front of many people at one time.
  6. Networking is not seeing how many business cards you can collect or give to people.

  7. It is a skill well worth developing.

    Approach To Networking & Getting Network Leads

    If networking is about establishing beneficial relationships then what is the best way to approach it?