What Makes a Good Salesperson Great?

What makes a good salesperson great? What knowledge, skills and abilities do the most successful salespeople have versus the average salesperson?

What should you look for to hire a great salesperson?

Are you willing to do what it takes to be a great salesperson?

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Top salespeople know what they need to do to get them to the top and keep them there. What are they doing to be successful vs the average salesperson?

Empathetic vs Sympathetic
The top salesperson is empathetic - they put themselves in their customers shoes. They do not confuse being empathetic with being sympathetic.

Goal Oriented vs Tasks Focused
A great salesperson is goal oriented. Their goals are clear and all their actions gets them closerto closing sales. Their actions are productive and focused and support their goals.

Ego Strength vs Gives Up too Quickly and is Easily Shaken by a Lost Sale
A salesperson with ego strength sticks with the prospect through all their objections until they close the deal. They are resilient and not put off by all the "no's"

Problems Solver vs Gives Out Literature and Information
A success salesperson is excellent at helping the client solve their problem. They show how their product and/or service solves that problem. They do not just recite what is in their literature and talk about the features. They show the client how it benefits them.

Take the Risk of Being Rejected vs Playing it Safe in their Comfort Zone
A highly successful salesperson does not take "no" personally. They evaluate whether the opportunity is worth additional pursuit. If it is they put a plan in place. If not the just go "Next" and move on to the next opportunity.

Accepts Uncertainty and Change vs Wants Stability and Consistency
The successful salesperson understands that ups and downs will occur. They adapt. They tend to thrive on the uncertainty and change. They stay focused on their goals.

You might find that you have many of these abilities and only need to work on one or two. There are very few natural born sales people. Most of the great ones have gotten the knowledge and skills they need through

reading and their career sales training. What makes a salesperson good? They know their strengths and their weaknesses and do what they have to and strengthen their weaknesses. They plan, practice adjust and make continuous improvements.

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