Why Do People Procrastinate?

Why do people procrastinate? Understanding why you do it is the first step in overcoming procrastination.

Do you find yourself saying "I work better under pressure" or "I want to think on it for a while - I will do it tomorrow"? Do you evidently say it was not important anyway to justify your actions.

Does it help you to read Procrastination Quotes?

Some people like to read some Self Motivation Tips to help them.

But first it helps to understand .....

Why do sales people procrastinate when taking action means more sales and more income?

Why do you & other people procrastinate?

- Fear - People fear failure as well as success. If I am not sure I can do it why try it if I might fail. Or do you wait until everything is perfect (it never is) so you can't fail. People also fear success. Success is Life changing & opens us up to what we see as bigger potential loss.

- The action we need to take takes us out of our comfort zone. When we get out of our comfort zone many times negative self talk kicks in.We make up stories in our heads of all the bad things that can go wrong or all the possible & impossible mistakes we might make. Instead of visualizing the outcome we desire we let the negative voice take over.

- Likes drama, crisis or maybe is a thrill seeker. Do you like that euphoric rush you get by waiting to the last minute.

- Alignment with our goals & dreams - If the action you need to take does not support your goals & dreams it is very easy to procrastinate.

- Too much to do or spread to thin - Sometimes we can over commit ourselves or we are trying to do too much at one time. It is important to recognize when this happens and prioritize what you have to do.

Why do people procrastinate? People procrastinate. Only you can answer why you procrastinate. Once you understand why you do it you can start working on overcoming procrastination.

Do not forget to read self motivation tips. Sometimes we just need a nudge and not a push.

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