Work Motivation at Companies

Work Motivation for sales people is often complicated. Many companies make the assumption that all sales people are motivated only by the compensation package. Or they try standard employee motivation techniques and wonder why it is not working or what is wrong with their sales people.

Not all sales people are the same. We all have different wants and needs and they do not always coincide with a company's compensation and incentive plan.

Why is Motivation Important at Work

Most sales people are motivated by achievement and the recognition of that achievement. They also need achievable targets and goals that get recognition. The best motivation technique at work is to have a set of targets that are tiered with recognition received at each level.

For sales people motivation at work is extremely important. It effects so much of what we do. It impacts

- the deals we close

- our compensation

- the calls we make

- our client relationships

- our self esteem

It is important to pay attention to when you are not feeling motivated and look at the causes and move on.

Self Motivation Tips

  • If you only have a yearly or quarterly sales target (many companies are set up this way)break it down into smaller targets for yourself. You might set up a series of daily, weekly or monthly targets. Your targets could be to sell so much or make so many phone calls or have x number of meetings, etc.

    The key is to reward yourself for reaching your personal targets.

    You could also approach your sales manager to make it a group effort.

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  • What motivates you? Is it the job itself or is the respect and admiration? Do you feel valued? Do you like what you sell? Do you speak with pride about your job? Do you make great money

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